1. Walking Home In The Rain

    Date 30 Oct 2017
    On my way walk home from the 23rd of August metro station, I enjoyed shooting a few frame under the cold fall rain. So many reflections, so much beauty. Had I not been in a hurry to get home and eat, I might have lingered a little longer Shot on the Fujifilm…

  2. Vareniki

    Date 25 Oct 2017
    Ukrainian dumplings filled with all kinds of yummy goodness, that’s what vareniki are. They’re so simple, but so delicious. My wife hosted several ladies from our church (and also our friend from Nigeria) to make them together. I enjoyed photographing the festivities in the morning, and then sharing in the spoils for lunch Shot on…

  3. His First Train Ride

    Date 18 Sep 2017
    The trip was only four-and-a-half hours, but we were nervous taking our very active seven-month-old into a confined space for that amount of time. The kid is a good traveler, though, and never ceases to surprise me. He played some, he rested, he ate. We walked around the car and smiled at strangers. There…

  4. Photographs That Take Years

    Date 12 Aug 2017
    Some photographs take years to make. I’ll come across a promising image in a place I spend a lot of time. I see the potential, but something isn’t quite right with the light. Or the ideal subject has yet to make its way through the scene. Or—as is most often the case—something…

  5. A Week of Daily Photos

    Date 26 Jul 2017
    One of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is The Family Photographer. The host, Jenny Stein, interviews all kinds of photographers about their work and their families. It’s about being a photographer and about being a part of the family. It’s about the how and about the why

  6. Shot With My Phone — Volume One

    Date 03 Jul 2017
    I don’t shoot very much with my phone, but it’s always the most accessible camera I have with me. It’s also the most discreet. No one thinks much of someone taking a photo with their phone, but any other camera always raises at least a hint of suspicion These are some of my favorite images from the last…

  7. She Danced

    Date 12 Jun 2017
    She announced she was going to take off her hoodie. I assumed it was because she was hot, but a few minutes later she returned in a dress requesting that music be put on. And then she danced a passionate dance.  It was a dance that only a nearly-four-year-old girl can dance. Shot…

  8. On The Trampoline

    Date 18 Apr 2017
    We were over at some friends’ for dinner and I walked outside and saw the beautiful light shinning from behind the trampoline. I grabbed my camera and headed into the battle zone. The boys were having so much fun, and really wanted to throw balls at the grown-up with a…

  9. The One That Stands Out

    Date 30 Dec 2016
    I was thinking about all the pictures I’ve taken over this year. We traveled quite a bit, and we visited some amazing places with some wonderful people. I even upgraded my camera gear for the first time in six years, which gave me plenty of opportunities to create pictures I…

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